About Us

We love what we do, and we do what we love!
Relevant, Insightful, Scalable and Ethical
We think, we create, we innovate
We assist companies in developing business solutions that inspire productivity, efficiency and flexibility in the workplace. We pride ourselves on the highly successful projects we have delivered for local and international clients.

Rise Research is a team of professional business consultants who are highly skilled in the field of Database Management, Ethnic Marketing and Business Development.

Our consultants are fully trained in various industries and have unique understanding of complex business cultures and landscape.  For over a decade, we have successfully delivered a range of cloud-based applications as well as coordinated marketing campaigns that are focused on customer acquisition, sales conversion, event execution, field marketing and B2C/B2B development.

You have the option and flexibility of using one, all, or a combination of our staff to achieve your desired results.

For us it’s not always about solving problems for our partners. It’s about teaching them how to solve their problems too.  When knowledge is distributed, and anyone can contribute and learn, we can build something unique, useful and sustainable – an ecosystem. We believe that when teams trust each other, look after each other, and learn from each other, amazing things happen.


We keep our approach relevant to survive the ever-changing market 


We deliver insights that help brands access new opportunities


Our apps are designed to give you the space to grow your business 


We promote integrity and trust among our employees, clients and investors

Who we are

We provide consulting and project management service in the field of Data Management, Business Development and Field Marketing.

What we do

We coordinate your projects, make recommendations about the campaigns you should and shouldn’t do, coordinate with your suppliers and affiliates for implementation, track results, and report back to you.

How we do it

All campaigns are managed by a team of consultants who closely monitor and assess the progress of a project throughout its life cycle to ensure overall objectives are met and the investment is justified.

Small steps in the right direction
We have successfully completed 300+ projects 
In 2013, the company was commissioned to conduct a research and market audit of the evolving Southeast Asian communities in the UK.
In 2016, Rise Research became a full-time marketing and consultancy firm specialising in sales management, event marketing, retail distribution and product sampling, actively assisting multi-national companies and subsidiaries in marketing their product to the UK ethnic market.
To stay ahead of its game, Rise Research started developing custom web applications in response to the growing need of its clientele to survive in the digital age. To date, the company designs, builds and maintains highly-scalable apps to streamline processes and increase efficiencies in the workplace.
It's our 9th year in business! We are remarkably grateful to have survived the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and we continue to cater to our clients' needs with renewed passion and dedication.

2022 has opened new opportunities for the company to embark on business ventures that are focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Why not join us in this exciting journey - get in touch!
mission and vision
We love what we do, and we do what we love

Our culture reflects who we are, what we value, and how we operate.

Data Management:  To help organisations seamlessly move their data from paper to cloud.
Business Development and Marketing:  To use our intimate knowledge of the UK ethnic market in growing your brand from and within the grassroots community.
Guided by our core values – Relevant, Insightful, Scalable and Ethical – we want to become a strong hive of independent consultants who, with their diverse skills  and industry experience, proactively work together to positively transform the way our clients do business.
Everything starts with our dynamic team. Our business continuity hinges on every team member being proactively engaged, seeking out feedback, advocating for progress, teaching clients what they know and learning at every step.